August 2018 Coupon Code for Pokerstars

Pokerstars Coupon Code August 2018 --> THEKING

The Pokerstars operation is the envy of the online poker world.

They have built themselves into a multi-billion dollar company over the past few years, and they rake in millions of dollars per day in profits. They are (by far) the largest online poker room in the world, having taken over the number one spot when Party Poker pulled out of the United States. - marketing coupon code - promotionSince then, Pokerstars has continued to build on their momentum, and they are currently 2-3 times larger than they were just a few short years ago.

So how did they do it? Why is it that they continue to grow, when other major rooms seem to be running in place?

There are a few major reasons for the success of Pokerstars.

First off, they do an insane amount of marketing and promotion. The company has been aggressively marketing their product in new markets over the past few years - markets that include the likes of Russia, Brazil and Mexico. The company has a stranglehold on the American market, but their non-US client base continues to swell as well.

Second, they have an amazing dedication to their customers. Pokerstars has the best customer support staff in the industry, and this translates into some very loyal customers.

Third, they have an unbelievable offering of cash game tables, SNGs and MTTs. Whether you are a low-limit PLO grinder or high-limit Limit Hold'em shark, Pokerstars has the game and the table for you.

Lastly, Pokerstars has an extraordinarily easy to clear bonus.

Their bonus may not be as aggressive as other rooms, but it is very, very easy to clear. If you are just a part-time weekend player, then this should be a big consideration for you.

Pokerstars will give you a deposit bonus of up to $600 when you sign up and deposit on their site. This is a matching bonus, so you need to make sure to initially deposit at least $600 in order to qualify for the full bonus.

Pokerstars will give you up to six months to clear your bonus - this should be more than enough time, even for a low-limit weekend player. Most other rooms will only give you 3-4 months..

To qualify for this bonus offer, you simply need to do two things:

1. Enter the coupon code of THEKING during the sign-up process (also known as a marketing code). Note: This code is good for all of 2018!

2. Enter the bonus code of STARS600 when you are depositing on the site for the first time.

That's it! Now you are qualified for the 100% deposit bonus and ready to run up your bankroll.

After depositing, take some time to look around and fully explore the Pokerstars lobby. There are always plenty of games going on at any given time. Have fun!

Pokerstars Coupon Code August 2018 --> THEKING