Players Can Win Significant Prizes in Bet365's "Fantasy Football" Promotion

Bet365, which is one of the largest and most respected online gaming firms in the world, recently launched their "Fantasy Football" promotion to coincide with the start of football season.

The English Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga seasons are mere days from getting underway. In the spirit of this excitement, Bet365 is offering its customers the opportunity to build a "Fantasy Football" team that could result in the winning of significant prizes. In short, the better your team, the more prizes you can win.

The promotion, which runs from July 27th until August 24th, is dead easy to qualify for. All you have to do is "opt in" to the contest in the poker room lobby and you are all set.

In order to add players to your team, you need to participate in real money cash and tournament games. The more you play in those games, the faster you will build your team. In addition, you can build your team twice as fast by electing to play on Premium Tables.

For each Merit Point you earn, you will earn 0.5 Coins, unless you are playing on a Premium Table, in which case you will earn a full Coin. Unlocking players works like this - you will unlock each of the first 10 players when you collect two coins, then each of the next 40 players when you unlock 10 coins, then each additional player when you collect 15 Coins.

Note: you must opt in before the end of each qualifying period in order to collect any prizes

At the end of each qualifying period, you will receive a Tournament Token to each "All In" freeroll that you have qualified for, in addition to the Premium Prize that you have qualified for.

Daily "All In" freerolls run according to this schedule:

19:00 GMT - €100 Prize Pool
20:00 GMT - €200 Prize Pool
21:00 GMT - €500 Prize Pool

Note: unused tournament tokens will expire if they are not used


If you don't already have an account on Bet365, simply click the link on the right to find out how you can qualify for a significant initial deposit bonus offer. Bet365 is highly recommended and I use the site often.

Best of luck at the tables!