Bet365 Offers The Chance To Win Cash Prizes

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Our friends at Bet365, one of the largest and best reviewed online gaming companies in the world, have unveiled details of their new holiday-themed "Wrapped Up" promotion.

Bet365 loves rewarding their loyal customers with cash and gifts, and this promotion is no different.

The King presents the latest Bet365 promo titled - Wrapped Up - Free Xmas Gifts - Holiday Baloon

Bet365 is looking to enrich their regular poker players who play early and often. Here is how it works:

There are five stages (One, Two, Three, Four and Five). In each stage, five rewards are on offer. When you earn five presents in stage one, you move on to stage two, and so on. Inside each present is a reward, and you can claim bigger cash rewards with each progressive stage.

In Stage One, each present contains a prize draw ticket for the daily €2,000 prize draw. The winner of the daily draw will take him an iPad Mini, while the second and third place winners will receive €100. Two hundred people will receive prizes every day, with the 51st to 200th place finishers receiving €5.


Presents are earned by earning Coins, which are in turn earned by participating in real money cash game tables. Coins are earned twice as fast if you choose to play at Premium Tables.

In order to open presents, you will need to earn the following number of Coins at each stage:

Stage one - Two
Stage Two - 10
Stage Three - 50
Stage Four - 200
Stage Five - 500

Note: players must opt in to participate in this program.


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