"The Baccarat Machine" About Life of Cheung Yin "Kelly Sun"

Q: What Is The "Baccarat Machine" and When Is It Coming Out?

A: "The Baccarat Machine" is a movie that will be based on the life of Cheung Yin "Kelly" Sun, who became well-known in the poker world for her part in the "edge sorting" story that saw Phil Ivey tied up in the United Kingdom and United States' court systems for years.

There is a new poker movie in the making about life of Cheung Yin aka Kelly Sun.  Illustration.Earlier this week, Awkwafina agreed to star in the production of "The Baccarat Machine". The movie will be financed and produced by SK Global, as well as Jeffrey Sharp of Independent Pictures.

The script is being written by Andy Bellin and will be heavily based off of this Cigar Aficionado article

The movie, which will surely detail the exploits of Phil Ivey/Sun and their "edge sorting" legal troubles with Crockfords/Borgata, will tell the story of Sun, a rich/then-poor/then rich again Chinese citizen who sought to beat the biggest casinos in the world.

Sun's determination to beat the biggest casinos became an obsession after she found herself in jail due to an unpaid marker (that she says that she was unaware of and wasn't hers). This resulted in significant embarrassment for Sun and her family, and she resolved to take it out on the casinos that had landed her in jail.


The poker world will be particularly interested in the business relationship between Sun and Phil Ivey, which didn't last very long. The relationship came to an end after Crockfords refused to pay out Ivey's baccarat wins. At the time, Sun thought that Ivey might be stiffing her, though it turned out that Crockfords had simply elected not to pay out the winnings, which totalled in excess of $10 million.


The movie will presumably tell the story of Cheung Yin "Kelly" Sun in a favourable light.

There is no telling as to when the release date for the movie will be, as the script is still being written and the director hasn't been hired as of yet.

Stay tuned to this space for more details as they are released.

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