GGPoker Introduces "Killer Whale" Tier

Published on February 7th, 2024 12:40 pm EST

Rewards battle is currently taking place by two online poker giants.The ongoing competition between GGPoker and Pokerstars has resulted in positive changes to both of the site's rewards programs.

Earlier this year, Pokerstars changed their rewards program, giving higher-volume players the opportunity to earn as much as 60% rakeback.

This was quite the about-face for the company, which phased out their SuperNova and SuperNova Elite programs a number of years ago in an effort to appeal to recreational players.

At the time, Pokerstars could do whatever they wanted without much recourse, as they were the 800 pound gorilla of the online poker world, and competition was sparse.


Now, with the explosion on popularity of GGPoker, Pokerstars has been forced to make changes in order to lure back higher volume players.

After Pokerstars made the aforementioned changes to their rewards program, GGPoker responded by offering its players 50% cashback for 100 days, as well as the opportunity to secure further 50% cashback for a year.

With the "Killer Whale" tier (which you have to opt-in for), GGPoker is offering players 50% rakeback for 100 days.

If you collect 400,000 FPs over the 100 day period, you will be upgraded to the "Platinum Whale" tier for a year, where you will continue to earn 50% rakeback.

If you don't collect 400,000 FPs over the 100 day period, you will be upgraded to the "Platinum Octopus" tier, where you will earn 35% rakeback for the following year.

This is a temporary promotion, and you'll need to opt in by February 14th in order to qualify.


GGPoker responded aggressively to the move from Pokerstars with a 50% rakeback tier that is far easier to attain.

Will Pokerstars respond?


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