Definition of 6-Handed

What does the term "6-handed" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by the term "6-handed"?

In poker, "6-handed" means that either:

The meaning of the term 6-handed is explained when it comes to the game of poker.  What is it?  The King explains.  Dictionary entry.1) The game has a maximum of 6 players
2) There are currently six players in a game

"6-handed" tournaments have dramatically increased in popularity over the years, as a smaller number of players at a table means that you will see more hands, and it also allows players to be more aggressive.

Compare this to a 9-handed or even 10-handed game, where there will be considerably fewer hands to play per hour of play.


6-handed tournaments and cash games are very popular, and the World Series of Poker has multiple 6-handed tournaments to play every year.

There is definitely a different strategy involved in 6-handed play vs 9-handed or 10-handed play.

There are more hands to play, and players can be much more aggressive, which leads to more enjoyable gameplay.


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