888Poker Refunded a Total of 4,068 Players

Published on January 19th, 2024 7:13 pm EST

The battle with bots is a growing concern in the online poker world.If you've been following online poker news over the past few months, you know that bots are currently a very big deal in the world of poker.

Bots continue to be an issue, as it's a cat-and-mouse game between increasingly sophisticated bots and online poker sites.

RTA (Real-time Assistance) software is also a big issue as well.


According to 888Poker, the site banned 161 accounts in 2023 that were using "AI software" (bots/RTA).

A total of 4,068 innocent players lost at least some money to these banned accounts.

888Poker said that they refunded a total of $362,893 to these impacted players.


888Poker says that they will continue the "fight" against bots and RTA software in 2024.

888Poker said that they paid $250,000 out of their own pockets in 2023 in order to make cheated players whole, as in many cases the banned accounts had already transferred their funds out.


888Poker said they are in "very good shape" compared to their competitors in the battle to stop bots and RTA software.

As you can see, operating bots and/or using RTA software can be very lucrative, so sites will have their hands full keeping them off of their sites.

Source: 888poker.com - 888Poker Recovers Record Amount From Bot/RTA Accounts Aided by AI in 2023!


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