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What does the term "MICOOP" mean in the world of online poker? What is meant by the term "MICOOP"?

The "MICOOP" refers to the Michigan Championship of Online Poker on Pokerstars.

The MICOOP - Michigan Championship of Online Poker - Meaning of the term explained.  Poker Dictionary.The tournament series is new, as online poker just became legal in the state of Michigan.

The first MICOOP is set to be held from February 20th to March 8th, 2021, and will be open to all residents of Michigan, as well as visitors to the state.

The tournament series features a total of $1 million in guarantees, including a $300 buy-in, $125,000 guaranteed main event.

The tournament series includes a number of different games, ranging from Pot Limit Omaha to No Limit Hold'em to Stud Hi-Lo.

A total of 60 tournaments will comprise the first MICOOP. The biggest buy-in is the $500 High Roller Event, which runs on February 24th and features a guaranteed prize pool of $35,000.


The state of Michigan has a great deal of people who love playing poker, so I would expect that this series will be well-attended.


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