Weekly Challenges Are Out With New Changes To Pokerstars Rewards Program

Published on January 15th, 2024 7:05 pm EST

A new volume-based rewards system is being introduced.Competition is a good thing.

For years, Pokerstars was pretty much the only game in town when it came to online poker.

The site could pretty much implement any change that they wanted, and their customers would just have to swallow it.

High-volume players were particularly infuriated when Pokerstars got rid of the Supernova and Supernova Elite VIP programs. This led to a number of high-level players vowing to never play on the site again.


With GGPoker surging in popularity over recent years, Pokerstars has been forced to make changes in order to try to keep up.

Earlier today, Pokerstars announced significant changes to their rewards program, and are now promising more "transparency and fairness".

To start, Pokerstars says that they are removing their Weekly Challenges, which they said "did not work as well as we'd hoped". Pokerstars says that 75% of players who opted into the challenges didn't complete them, which is obviously not good.

In its place, Pokerstars says that they are introducing a volume-based system which will be "more generous" than before.

Players will still earn Rewards Chests, with a maximum level of rewards being raised from 25% to 40%. Pokerstars says that the minimum requirements to earn a Chest have now been raised.

In addition, players on the site will receive a $0.50 Power Path ticket each day that they play on the site, regardless of how much they play.


For high-volume players, Pokerstars is introducing the "Select" and "Select+" tiers, which will pay up to 60% rakeback.

Players who rake $50,000/€50,000 or more over a rolling 12-month period will receive 50% rakeback, paid out every day. This is the "Select" tier.

Players who rake $100,000/€100,000 or more over a rolling 12-month period will receive 60% rakeback from Spin & Go and Zoom games, and 50% rakeback from everything else. This is the "Select+" tier.

Players who have generated these levels of rake over the past 12 months get "automatically onboarded".


For more details, please visit the link below.

Source: Pokerstars.com - Pokerstars Introduces Fairer and More Transparent Rewards Program


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