Definition of Nitroll

What does the term "nitroll" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by the term "nitroll"?

In poker, the term "nitroll" refers to when a very tight player agonizes over a river call that should be a snap call.

For instance - let's say that a tight player is holding Kc-9c, and the board reads Qc-2c-3c-Ad-8h.

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So, in this case, they have the second nuts (King high flush).

Their opponent puts out a pot-sized bet on the river, and the tight player goes into the tank.

After a great deal of thought, the tight player elects to call.

This is a "nitroll" because there is no way that they are raising the river, as they were a very tight player that is going to be worried about the nut flush.

So, they are left with two choices - call or fold.

There is NO way that you can fold a King-high flush with no full house possibilities in this situation, so, by taking their time on the river to make the call, they are "nitrolling" their opponent.


The term "nitroll" is a combination of two terms:

1. Nit, which refers to a very tight player

2. Slowroll, which is when you take way too much time to make a call when you have the best hand.


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