Definition of Speed Racer Bounty

What does the term "speed racer bounty" tournament mean? What is meant by a speed racer bounty tournament?

The "speed racer bounty" was started on the popular GGPoker site and is a unique tournament format.

In the speed racer bounty, each player starts with just 10 big blinds.

The definition of Speed Racer Bounty - What does this term mean in the game of poker?The first blind level lasts for 20 minutes without increasing.

After that, the blinds move up every 2 minutes, which is where the "speed racer" part of the tournament comes in.

So, the speed racer bounty tournament creates some interesting strategies, as there is a need to build up a big stack early, in order to help survive the quick blind increases.

So, while you might think that the 20 minute blind level at the beginning would result in some passive play, the exact opposite is true, as people are desperately trying to build their stacks in order to survive to the final table.


If you are looking for a tournament that ends fairly quickly, try the speed racer bounty on GGPoker.


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