Definition of Blind Defense

What does the term "blind defense" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by a blind defense?

If you are in the big blind, you need to be careful about playing too weak, or else players in late position will raise weaker holdings in order to steal the blinds.

In order to counteract this, players in the big blind need to mix up their game in order to neutralize the aggression shown by late-acting players.

The King explains the meaning of the poker term Blind Defense.  What is it and what is an example of it?For instance - let's say that action folds around to the button, and you are sitting in the big blind.

The button raises immediately - 3x the big blind.

The small blind folds, leaving it to you.

You look down at 5d-6d.

In most circumstances, you would simply fold this hand, but you know that the button is raising practically everything in this circumstance.

Instead of simply folding, you elect to re-raise.

The intention of this move is to keep the button guessing so that they don't just automate target your big blind.

The button thinks for a bit and then folds.

Just like the button shouldn't auto-raise, you shouldn't defend every orbit if you have a weak holding.

You just need to mix things up a bit.


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