A Look at the Numbers of a Poker Streamer

Q: How Much Money Do Poker Streamers on Twitch Make?

A: In the past couple of years, many poker players have taken to Twitch.tv as a way to supplement their incomes.

Some have been wildly successful, with the likes of Jason Somerville, Parker Talbot (Tonka) and Jaime Staples parlaying their large viewership numbers into sponsorship deals.

Other streamers have been able to supplement their incomes while playing the game that they love, through subscriptions and donations.

Twitch TV dollars - How much do the top streamers make on the platform?

The most obvious way for a Twitch.tv streamer to make money is through subscription revenue. If you sign up for a $2.99, $5.99 or even $19.99 subscription to support your favourite streamer, they will likely receive 50% of the revenue (this is the standard deal, though Twitch.tv partners can make more). If a streamer is bringing in big viewership numbers, they can negotiate themselves a better percentage cut, though the standard deal is 50%.

The top streamers will have in the low X,XXX subscribers, which means that they can stand to make a few thousand dollars per month from their subscriptions, especially if they can convince their subscribers to upgrade to a highly membership tier or negotiate a better deal with Twitch.

In addition, streamers can make money from donations and affiliate deals that they feature on their channels.

All in all, a top streamer can make thousands of dollars per month from their stream, though they will need to continue to produce solid content in order to maintain this subscriber base.

The Holy Grail of poker streaming is the sponsorship deal from a site like Pokerstars or 888Poker. These deals can start in the mid $XX,XXX in terms of total yearly compensation (including all perks) and quickly rise into the low six figures per year, depending on the popularity of the player and the site with which they sign.

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