What is Tony G's Net Worth?

Q: How Rich is Tony G?

A: Antanas Guoga, aka "Tony G", is legitimately one of the richest figures in the poker world today.

There is often much speculation when trying to determine the total net worth of a poker player, but Tony G's financial situation is much more clear thanks to his recent successful run for the European Parliament.

All of the candidates for the European Parliament were required to submit financial disclosures prior to the election. Tony G declared his assets to be LTL 93 million, which works out to about $36 million USD.

Tony G was the founder of Pokernews.com and presumably a large portion of his net worth is tied up in the company, as Pokernews is one of the most successful online poker news/affiliate sites in the world today.

In addition, one can assume that Tony G likely has a number of different assets including homes, cash and other assets.

Tony G is a successful entrepreneur and is legitimately one of the richest people in the poker world today.

Tony G, however, will likely find himself having a hard time getting to the tables to play thanks to his new duties as an elected member of the European Parliament.

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