Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey Currently Offer Legal Online Poker

Q: In Which US States is Online Poker Legal?

A: As of the end of 2015, three states - Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware - currently offer legal online poker to its residents, as well as visitors to the state.

Nevada was the first to offer legal online poker, with New Jersey and Delaware following in later months and years. There are other states that are seriously contemplating offering legal online poker at the present time as well, including California and Pennsylvania.

In the cases of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, all three offer legal online poker providing:

1) the site offering the online poker product is regulated by the state
2) the person playing on the site is of legal age
3) the person playing on the site is either a resident of the state or currently within the state borders (for instance, somebody who is visiting)

Map of United States of America with three highlighted states: New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada

The online poker industry in the United States has struggled since the first site was launched in Nevada in 2013. A number of sites have already thrown in the towel, though the pending addition of Pokerstars to the state of New Jersey should provide a much needed shot in the arm for the industry.

In an effort to increase liquidity, Delaware and Nevada officially launched a compact in 2015.


Despite the fact that online poker is legal in three states, a number of credit card companies still refuse to process online gambling translations, despite the fact that they are perfectly legal.

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