Grinding Poker Is Not the Glamorous Lifestyle That Some Think It Is

Q: What Is The Normal Day For a Professional Online Poker Player?

A: What is the typical day for a professional online grinder?

If you want to succeed over the long-term, the lifestyle that you will have won't be particularly glamorous.

In fact, you will need to put in a tremendous amount of work.

The lifestyle of a poker grinder is a demand one.  Sacrifices must be made.  Is it worth it?  The King takes a deeper look.More work, in fact, than a full-time job.

The upside, of course, is that your income could potentially be much, much higher.


So what does the average day look like for a typical online poker grinder?

You wake up in the morning and make yourself a healthy breakfast, as you may be going many hours before your next square meal.

If you are smart, you will work out after breakfast, as your body will be in a sitting position for many hours throughout the course of the day.

After working out, you shower and change and are ready for your day.

The typical online grinder will have a schedule that they want to follow. The time of day when there are the best tournaments or best cash games.

At this point, the grind begins and many tables are fired up.

A bad session can end after just a few hours. A typical session will likely be between 10-12 hours, especially if you plan on grinding online poker tournaments.

At the end of the session, you log your results - did you make money or lose money?

Now, you likely have your second and final meal of the day. Maybe you cook something up in your kitchen, but it is likelier that you get take-out from somewhere.

After eating, you are likely about 12-13 hours into your day.

At this point, you need to study. You need to take a look at the hands that were the most questionable spots over the course of the day. Maybe you have a group chat with other poker players where you run over different spots. Maybe you have a coach that you discuss hands with.

If you want to continue to get better, you can't just log off after your session - instead, you need to study in order to improve.

After 2-3 hours of studying, your brain is starting to shut off and you decide that you need to sleep.

In a typical week, you are grinding 6 days per week and the final day is for errands, family and your significant other (if you have one).


Becoming a successful online poker grinder in this day and age takes a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline.

In the end, you will likely need to spend upwards of 70 hours per week playing and working on your game in order to enter the top tier of poker players online.

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