Pocket Aces Have Roughly 20% Chance of Losing to Pocket Kings

Q: What are the Odds of Pocket Aces Losing to Pocket Kings?

A: It's one of the worst feelings in the world.

You are dealt pocket Aces, and you end up losing to pocket Kings. You wait all night for the magical "pocket rockets", and you end up losing to an inferior hand.

You are red with rage after losing with pocket Aces in a cash game at your local casino, so you look up just how much of a favorite you were to win that hand.

In a heads-up confrontation in a game of No Limit Texas Hold'em, the player who is dealt pocket Aces has a roughly 81% chance of winning the hand.

Pocket Kings, on the other hand, have a roughly 18% chance of winning.

So, if you were to run this hand 1,000,000 times, the player with pocket Aces would win roughly 810,000 of the hands.

In short - the player with pocket Kings has a roughly 1 in 5 chance of winning the hand.

The King explains the winning hand odds when pocket aces face pocket kings.

A couple of famous hands that involved pocket Aces vs pocket Kings:


If you are on the other side of the equation and are looking at your opponent having pocket Aces while you have pocket Kings, you still have a chance - an 18% chance.

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