Normal Poker Streamer Has 4-5 Minute Delay

Q: Why Do Poker Streamers on Twitch Stream With a Delay?

A: When the majority of poker streamers stream on, they do so with a delay of 4-5 minutes.

So, when you are watching your favourite poker streamer, you are usually not watching them in real-time. Instead, you are watching hands that were played 4-5 minutes ago.

This is why poker streamers will ask people not to spoil results - if you are watching the streamer while they actually play on their tables, you would be able to spoil the results for the people who are watching on the stream.

The reason for delay of poker streams is revealed by the King.  It is done for the protection from sniping.  Illustration.The question is - why do poker streamers on Twitch stream with a delay?

The answer: so people can't see their cards.

If you were to stream in real-time without a delay, anybody watching would be able to see your cards (if you didn't cover them somehow, of course).

This is why there is a delay in almost all poker streams.

There is always a worry that streamers will be "sniped" - meaning, an opponent will use all of their time bank to try and see what the streamer was dealt in a big hand.

If these "snipers" can delay long enough, they are hoping that they will be able to see what the streamer was dealt 4-5 minutes ago.

This results in streamers instituting longer delays for really important tournaments in order to avoid being sniped.


So, the quick answer to why poker streamers delay their streams - so people can't see their cards.

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