Can Bilzerian Win The Bet?

Q: What Are The Terms of the Los Angeles to Las Vegas Bike Bet Between Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins?

A: If the answer is yes, Dan Bilzerian will receive $600,000 from fellow high stakes poker player Bill Perkins.

If the answer is no, Bilzerian will be forced to pay Perkins, who is known for making his share of wacky prop bets, $600,000.

Dan Bilzerian training for his bicycle trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas - March 2016According to the terms of the bet, Bilzerian must complete the 300 mile ride in less than 48 hours. Bilzerian, who has stated that he has not gotten on a bike since he was a teenager, is the favorite at Bovada to successfully complete the bet.

Bilzerian has reportedly enlisted the services of Lance Armstrong to help win the bet. Armstrong will surely be coaching Bilzerian as to the proper strategy to win the bet, as well as the proper foods to consume and precautions to take.

According to the rules of the bet, support vehicles are allowed though they may not be enlisted to help propel Bilzerian in any way. According to Perkins, straight "muscle power" must be used to move from point A (Los Angeles) to point B (Las Vegas).

Bilzerian is encouraged to plan and bike his own route from LA to Las Vegas. Some routes have a shorter A to B distance but have more mountainous terrain.


The elements can be quite harsh in the desert, as the temperatures are expected to touch 80-85 degrees when the bet is taking place.

Bilzerian is in quite good shape, though riding 300 miles over the course of two days presents a large list of problems for even the most athletic.

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