The Terms of the Ivey/Negreanu Bracelet Bet

Q: What Are The Terms of the Phil Ivey/Daniel Negreanu World Series of Poker Bracelet Bet?

A: The terms of the Phil Ivey/Daniel Negreanu World Series of Poker bracelet bet are simple:

If you don't think that Ivey or Negreanu will win a World Series of Poker bracelet this summer, you can bet on the "against". If neither man wins a WSOP bracelet this summer, you win your bet at even money.

So, if you decide to bet $5,000 against either man winning a bracelet and Ivey/Negreanu get shut out, you will win $5,000 in profit.

If either man wins a bracelet this summer, you lose your bet.

Ivey and Negreanu are currently taking bets, with the minimum bet size $5,000 and the maximum bet size $1,000,000. There is no word as to how much action the two men are looking to book, but knowing Phil Ivey, I would guess that it's very substantial.

Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey - The WSOP 2014 Bet

Here are some additional pieces of information about the bet:

-If you are interested in making the bet, contact Daniel Negreanu's assistant (details can be found on his Twitter page) for more details

-the BIG ONE for ONE DROP tournament DOES count as it is a bracelet event

-the bet applies to World Series of Poker events that take place at the Rio this summer - WSOPE and WSOP APAC events will not count


This bet has created a tremendous amount of discussion online as to which side was the favourite.

The initial consensus was that the Ivey/Negreanu side was a sizeable underdog, but that has seemingly changed over the past week as a couple of prominent players have come out and claimed that the Ivey/Negreanu side are actually the slight favourites.

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