What is the Definition of a Prop Bet?

Q: What is a Prop Bet?

A: According to Wikipedia, a prop bet "is a bet made on the outcome of a proposition."

Source: Wikipedia - Proposition Bet

As it pertains to the poker world, there are two major types of prop bets that players tend to engage in:

1) Bets based on which cards will hit the flop

2) Unusual bets that will involve performing tough physical tasks, etc.

What is a Prop Bet?If you have ever watched a high stakes cash game on TV, then you have likely seen players engaging in prop bets.

These bets usually involve the color or suit of the cards hitting the flop (example, you may win a bet when the flop brings two or more clubs, or if the flop brings two or more red cards).

The second type of prop bet that is widely seen in the poker world is the one-of-a-kind bet that usually involves performing some sort of a tough physical task. Here are some examples:

1. David Grey offered $10,000 to Howard Lederer if Lederer would eat a cheeseburger (Lederer was a vegetarian but won the bet after eating the cheeseburger).

2. Mike Matusow and Justin Smith reportedly bet Ted Forrest $2 million that Forrest couldn't lose 50 pounds in two months (Forrest ended up winning the bet, thanks to a crash diet, plenty of exercise and an unhealthy lack of water leading up to the weigh-in).

3. Ted Forrest bet Mike Matusow $100,000 that Matusow couldn't lose 60 pounds over the course of a year (Matusow won).

4. Gavin Smith, Phil Ivey and a few others engaged in a crazy golf prop bet with Erick Lindgren three years ago. Lindgren had to play four full rounds of golf at Bear's Best in one day (in the middle of the Las Vegas summer), walking all four rounds while shooting from the pro tees. Oh, and Lindgren also had to shoot under 100 in all four rounds. Lindgren ended up winning, though the challenge definitely took a physical toll on him.

5. Phil Hellmuth reportedly bet Huck Seed $50,000 that Seed couldn't stand neck-deep in ocean water for a period of 18 hours. Seed, who is always up for a good prop bet, tried, but reportedly called it quits after just three hours.


Prop bets can also include World Series of Poker bracelet bets. You can read about Phil Ivey's famous bracelet bets here.

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