How Much Is Phil Ivey Worth?

Q: What is Phil Ivey's Net Worth?

A: Last Updated: February 26th, 2019

Phil Ivey is one of the greatest poker players that has ever lived.

In addition, he is one of the biggest gamblers in the world, with casinos all over the world rolling out the red carpet for him.

It's nearly impossible to guess Ivey's net worth, though there are some numbers and facts that are known to us:

1) Phil Ivey was reportedly receiving nearly $1 million/month from Full Tilt Poker prior to "Black Friday"

2) Ivey's ex-wife was set to receive $180,000 in alimony from Ivey per month, though those plans changed once Ivey's monthly income stream dried up. Ivey's ex-wife Luciaette reportedly did walk away with millions of dollars in handbags and jewellery.

3) Ivey was one of the biggest winners on Full Tilt Poker, collecting over $10 million in cash game winners during his time on the site

4) Ivey has over $26 million in total lifetime tournament cashes

5) Ivey lost two major court battles over the past decade or so - one against Crockfords, and one against the Borgata. This was in regards to "edge sorting", with both casinos alleging that Ivey cheated to win roughly $20 million in Punto Banco. Ivey, on the other hand, alleged that he was merely an advantage player. Crockfords withheld $10 million in winnings to Ivey, while the Borgata is currently chasing Ivey for the $10 million that they paid out to him. Ivey clearly still had a very big bankroll at the time that he played at both Crockfords and the Borgata.

6) Ivey's court battles lasted years and likely cost him millions of dollars in lawyer fees

7) Ivey had a couple of unsuccessful businesses post-"Black Friday", including the Ivey League

8) Ivey is reportedly a regular in the biggest cash games in Macau and other locales

9) Ivey reportedly owns a large villa in Mexico


Based on what other prominent players in the poker community say, Phil Ivey is still doing very well for himself and is living the life.

Ivey has, however, taken some big hits over the past decade or so, including losing his lucrative Full Tilt Poker income stream and dropping two court cases, which likely were very expensive for him to finance.

Best guess? Phil Ivey is still worth $20 million USD, even with his setbacks over the past couple of years. If Full Tilt Poker had run their business properly and gone the route of Pokerstars after "Black Friday", Ivey would have been much, much richer by virtue of his stake in the company, though he certainly has nothing to complain about either.

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