Doyle Brunson Leads the Way With Roughly 400k Followers

Q: Which Poker Player Has The Biggest Twitter Following?

A: In an ironic twist, one of the oldest players in the poker world has the biggest following on Twitter.

Doyle Brunson, aka "Texas Dolly", currently has roughly 400,000 Twitter followers, despite the fact that Brunson was born roughly 75 years before Twitter was even invented. Brunson has more Twitter followers than Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu or Phil Hellmuth.

Let's take a look at the poker players with the biggest followings as of this moment:

Doyle Brunson, 398,048
Daniel Negreanu, 260,594
Phil Hellmuth, 169,183
Phil Ivey, 161,290
Tom Dwan, 109,789
Liz Lieu, 96,104
Mike Matusow, 77,028
Jason Mercier, 71,082
Vanessa Rousoo, 69,727
Liv Boeree, 67,538

Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu have been able to cultivate such big Twitter followings because:

1) They Tweet regularly

2) They interact with their followers

3) They are two of the biggest names in the poker world


Names like Joe Sebok, Beth Shak and Ali Nejad, who all have/have had ties to the poker world, all have more Twitter followers than any of the names that I have listed above, but I'm not including them on the list.

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