ActionFreak A Slight Favorite To Defeat Phil Galfond

Q: Who is Favored To Win Between ActionFreak and Phil Galfond?

A: The third "Galfond Challenge", between Phil Galfond and "ActionFreak", is set to begin on April 27th.

The two players have agreed to a 15,000 hand match. At the conclusion of the Challenge, the loser must send the winner an additional €150,000.

The odds for the upcoming poker challenge are out.  Who is the favourite?The stakes are €150/€300 Pot Limit Omaha. The two players will battle it out for five hours per day, five days per week.


"ActionFreak" is a very good player, and Galfond certainly has his hands full in this match, just as he did with "VeniVidi".

"ActionFreak" has been playing on Pokerstars for a while, and his results have been very good. While some of his proposed "Galfond Challenge" matches would seem to be easier (Perkins, Brandon Adams), "ActionFreak" will be a very stiff challenge for Galfond.

- has set odds for the battle between "ActionFreak" and Galfond, and they are giving "ActionFreak" a slight edge to win:

"ActionFreak", 1.73
Phil Galfond, 2.15

These odds means that you would win $73 in profit from a $100 bet on "ActionFreak", while a successful $100 bet on Galfond would return a total profit of $115.

These odds mean that "ActionFreak" has a 57.8% chance of winning (implied odds), while Galfond has 46.51% odds of winning.


One factor to consider - Galfond's confidence is likely through the roof following his dramatic comeback win against "VeniVidi".


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