Definition of Aggro

What does the term "aggro" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "aggro" in poker?

In poker, the term "aggro" refers to somebody that is playing aggressively.

The meaning of the term Aggro in poker is explained and illustrated.An "aggro" player would be somebody that is raising pre-flop aggressively, re-raising constantly and continuously putting pressure on other players at the table. They are constantly looking for situations where they can exploit other players, especially players of a passive nature.

The positive of being an "aggro" player is that you can chip up significantly by taking advantage of passive players at the table.

The negative of being an "aggro" player is that you can frequently find yourself out of a tournament early if you run into a player that has a strong hand when you are trying to make a move on them.

Great players will mix up "aggro" play with more passive play. For instance, if you believe that the table has you pegged as an "aggro" player, switching gears would be a smart move as you could potentially trap somebody who believes that you are just bluffing, when in fact you have a strong holding.

Remember: great players always mix things up. If you are constantly aggro and don't have the capability to switch gears, your play will end up being easily exploited.


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