Definition of Backraise

What does the term "backraise" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by a "back raise" in poker?

A "back raise" in poker occurs when a player who just calls during a previous round of betting decides to put in a re-raise in the next round.

Definition of the term Backraise in the game of poker.  What is the meaning and example. brought to you by the KINGFor instance - let's say that you are dealt pocket Aces in a game at your local casino. After a pre-flop raise, you get two callers.

The flop comes K-7-2, which is a fairly safe flop for you. One of the pre-flop callers puts out a bet, which results in a fold for one of your opponents and a call for yourself. Based on the way that the game has gone so far, you are certain that your opponent is holding a King in his hand.

The flop brings a Jack. You lead out with a bet this time. Your opponent pauses for a moment and sticks in a raise, likely thinking that you hold a Jack in your hand.

After a bit of thought, you re-raise your opponent. After tanking for a couple of minutes, your opponent folds and you take down the pot.

This is a "backraise".


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