Definition of Bet Into

What does the term "bet into" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by betting into somebody?

In the world of poker, getting "bet into" means that somebody is who is the pre-flop aggressor is suddenly on the receiving end of betting pressure after the flop.

It's best to illustrate this term with an example to make it as clear as possible.

Definition of Bet Into in the game of poker.  King explains the meaning and provides an example.Let's say that you are playing in a $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em game at your local casino. You have the button. Action folds around to you and you look down at A/A, so you put in a standard 3x pre-flop raise. The small blind folds, while the big blind decides to call after a bit of thought.

The flop comes 9-9-K. The big blind leads out with a bet, which thoroughly confuses you. Did he protect his blind with a garbage hand and hit trips? Did he hit a pair of Kings? Is he bluffing?

Your read of this player is that he is tight/aggressive, so you are pretty sure that he has trip nines but you decide to put in a raise to snuff out any bluffs. Your opponent immediately reaches into his stack and counts out a re-raise. Despite the fact that you are holding Aces, you muck your cards, certain that he is holding a Nine. Your read turns out to be correct, as your opponent turns over 9-8 and takes down the pot.


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