Definition of Blocker

In the poker vernacular, a blocker is a playing card that effectively blocks an opponent's ability to complete a hand because it is in the hand of another. Generally, a player is aware of a blocker because he or she holds the card.

The concept of holding the blocker is most appropriate to Lowball and Omaha poker games. In these games, players remove cards from play that they do not need, and the removal of a known blocker can be a highly strategic play.

Definition and meaning of the term Blocker in the game of pokerHowever, the blocker concept is also used in games like Texas Hold 'em in the sense that any card is a blocker for a wide array of possible hands. If you hold a blocker for a hand, you know that you're not susceptible to that hand.

Another use of the word blocker in poker is in the term blocker bet, which is an advanced poker play. Betting and raising is always more advantageous than checking and calling, and a blocking bet is a bet made because of that.

In simple terms, with an opportunity to bet first, the blocking bet is a smaller than average bet made to hold that natural advantage. It also reduces the cost of seeing the next card because you won't have to call a larger bet.


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