Definition of Bumhunter

What is a "bumhunter"? What is the definition of the term "bumhunter" in online poker?

A "bumhunter" is somebody who takes a seat at an online heads-up cash game table and refuses to play anybody that isn't, in their opinion, a weak opponent.

Let's give you an example here to illustrate what we are talking about.

Let's say that I am a heads-up NLHE cash game player. Let's also say that I am a "bumhunter".

What is a bumhunter in poker?I'll take a seat at a heads-up cash game table and wait for an opponent that I deem to be weak. I will determine whether or not the player who sits down is weak based on my notes, or based on their stats on a site like

If I believe that my opponent is weak, then I will sit in and play against them, as I believe that I have the edge and will win money.

If I believe that my opponent is decent, then I will sit out or leave the table, as I believe that I have little to no edge in the match.

"Bumhunting" has gotten so bad on some sites that new rules and policies have had to be developed just to deal with the situation. Some "bumhunters" were opening up scores of heads-up cash game tables, hoping to lure a "bad" player in to a game. This resulted in dozens upon dozens of heads-up cash game tables that just had one player sitting. The "bumhunters" all refused to play each other, as they were all waiting for players that they deemed to be weak.

"Bumhunting" is generally frowned upon, but it is certainly not against the rules. In the end, you can't force somebody to play someone if they don't want to.


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