Definition of Card Dead

What does the term "card dead" mean in poker? What is meant by the term "card dead"?

In poker, the term "card dead" means that you have not been dealt any decent holdings for an extended period of time. This would be the opposite of the term "heater", which involves getting dealt premium holdings over a string of hands.

Poker Definition - Card DeadProper Usage:

"I got off to a great start in the tournament after I doubled up early. After that, I went totally card dead and my stack was whittled down to almost nothing. I eventually decided to push holding 8d-7d, but was called by the Big Blind who was holding pocket Aces. The flop brought two Aces and I was drawing dead."

Example of Being Card Dead:

Over the course of 30 hands, you are dealt zero pocket pairs and nothing better than Q-10 offsuit. This would definitely qualify as being "card dead".


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