Definition of Card Up Your Sleeve

What does it mean if you have a "card up your sleeve"? What is the definition of having a card up your sleeve?

In any card game, a person can cheat if they hide a card up their sleeve.

The meaning of the term Card Up Your Sleeve is explained by the King, with examples given.  Illustration.For instance, let's say that somebody is playing Texas Hold'em. They are a very good cheater, and they have managed to hide the Ace of Spades up their sleeve.

At the right time, when nobody is paying attention, the player substitutes the card that is up their sleeve for one of their two hole cards. For instance, if they had the Ace of Hearts and the 2 of Hearts as their hole cards, the cheating player could suddenly have pocket Aces if they substituted the Ace of Spades up their sleeve for the Two of hearts.

In everyday life, having a "card up your sleeve" essentially means that you have a "secret weapon" at your disposal.

For instance - let's say that two people are trying to purchase a collector car that is significantly underpriced.

The seller of the car can't decide who to sell it to, as both people offered the same amount of money.

One of the two potential buyers decides to use the "card up their sleeve", which is the fact that they own a popular restaurant nearby. If you sell me the car, they say, I'll give you free dinners every week for a year.

This "card up the sleeve" seals the deal.


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