Definition of When the Chips are Down

What does the term "when the chips are down" mean? What is the definition of the term "when the chips are down"?

The term "when the chips are down" is usually accompanied by something that is a positive attribute about somebody.

When the chips are down is a term commonly used in the game of poker as well as in life in general.  What is the meaning of this phrase?  The King explains.For instance - "when the chips are down, Mike always comes through".

If you are playing in a card game and you are running low on chips, your chips would be "down". Meaning, you aren't doing very well in the game.

In the game of life, if your "chips are down", you are said to not be doing very well. For instance, if you just lost your job, someone might say that your "chips are down".

In poker, you can build your chip stack back up through good luck, skilled play or both.

In the game of life, a "low chip stack" doesn't mean that the game is over either.


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