Definition of Clicking Buttons

What does the term "clicking buttons" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by the term "clicking buttons"?

In online poker, someone is said to be "clicking buttons" when they are seemingly just playing hands without having any sort of a plan or giving any thought to any sort of strategy.

The meaning of the term Clicking Buttons when it comes to poker play is explained.  What does it mean?For instance - let's say that there is a tight player at the table and they are acting very quickly in hands in which they have strong holdings. After seeing a flop of A-K-2, they immediate check-raise somebody and then quickly bet on both the turn and the river.

They turn over A-A at the end of the hand, taking down the pot with their set of Aces.

This player, while they ended up winning the hand, did nothing to try to trick their opponent or disguise the strength of their holding.

In this case, this player was just "clicking buttons" without trying to formulate any sort of a strategy to extract maximum chips.

People who just "click buttons" are thought to be inexperienced and weak players who don't give any sort of high-level thought to the hands that they are playing.

Bad players only think about their hands, while good players will also consider what their opponents might be holding and thinking in order to try and extract the most value from hands.


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