Definition of Conservative Play

What does the term "conservative play" mean in the game of poker? What is the definition of the term "conservative play"?

The dictionary defines conservative as "moderate or cautious". Likewise, at a poker table, a "conservative player" is somebody who doesn't like to take chances and "step out of line". A conservative poker player will generally play ABC poker - playing strong hands aggressively and not looking to make many bluffs or unusual plays.

Definition of Conservative Play - Poker Dictionary - Green $25 Chip - IllustrationThe problem with somebody who is a "conservative player" and DOESN'T change up their game is that good players will quickly identify and exploit them. If you are a conservative player who only plays strong starting hands, a good player will quickly adjust and quickly fold whenever a conservative player starts to take an aggressive line. This means that the conservative player will not get paid off on their strong starting hands, at least against good players.

Really strong players will mix up their play well.


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