Definition of Crap Shoot

What does the term "crap shoot" mean in the poker world? What is the definition of the term "crap shoot"?

In poker, a "crap shoot" is a tournament in which luck is the prevailing factor due to the structure and nature of the event, rather than skill.

Definition of Crap Shoot - Kings Poker DictionaryFor instance - let's say that you enter yourself into a tournament in which each player gets a starting stack of 1,500 chips and the blinds rise every 15 minutes. Well, there is not going to be much play in a tournament such as this, which means that players will have to start going all-in almost immediately. This is a "crap shoot".

The World Series of Poker main event is also often labelled as a "crap shoot" due to the massive amount of casual players that take part in the event. The general line of thinking is that the professionals, no matter how good they are, can not use their skill to make it to the final table thanks to the incredible amount of all-in situations they must fade. Sure, you can get it all-in with the better hand, but will it constantly hold up over the course of a two-week tournament? Will you keep winning flips? The many thousands of players who turn out for the World Series of Poker main event turns the event into a "crap shoot".


The better players prefer tournament structures that allow more play, which only makes sense - a good player will want to maximize the amount of hands that they can play against inferior players.


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