Definition of Crying Call

What is a "crying call" in poker? What is the definition of the term "crying call"?

A "crying call" in poker is when you make a call despite the fact that you are almost 100% certain that you do not have the best hand.

What is the point of a "crying call"? There are two instances when a crying call makes sense:

1. When you are almost certain that you are behind, but you have invested just too much money into the pot to fold

Definition of Crying Call2. When you want to gather some information about your opponent.

Let's look at two examples of a "crying call":

Example #1. Action folds around to you in the button. You raise holding A-A, and the BB makes the call.

The flop comes 6s-7s-Kd. Your opponent checks, you bet, he calls.

The turn brings the Qd. Your opponent checks, you bet, he calls.

The river brings the 10s. Based on how your opponent has played up to that point, you are almost 100% certain that he hit his draw. Your opponent leads out with a bet, and you make a "crying call", nearly certain that your hand is no good. You are right, as your opponent turns over Js-9s for the flush.

Example #2. You are heads up on the river against an opponent that can best be described as "erratic".

With the board reading As-7s-8d-2d-2s, you are facing a bet from your opponent. You are holding Kd-8h for a pair of eights.

You are almost certain that you are behind in the hand, but you want some information on your opponent, as the play of your opponent has baffled you up until this point.

With that in mind, you throw in the chips for the "crying call".


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