Definition of Dead Money

In poker, the term dead money has two meanings.

The first meaning is table slang for any player that has little chance to win a hand or the game. At the conclusion of a hand, the player awaiting the final card who only has a 10-percent chance to win the hand is said to be dead money.

The second meaning, which is the more common usage, indicates chips in the pot that are not part of any player's bet. Note that dead money is much more common in a live casino or private game than it is at an online casino.

Definition of Dead Money in the game of pokerThe most common cause of dead money is a missed blind. When a player misses a blind or blinds, he or she typically has two choices: sit out until the big blind is theirs again, or post all owed blinds on the subsequent hand.

Generally, all small blinds are considered "dead," and a big blind is considered "live."

Live means that the money counts toward the amount required to call on the first betting round. Dead means that the money does not count towards any of the players obligations, and it exists just as a reward for the winner.


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