Definition of Deep Stack Tournament

What does the term "deep stack tournament" mean in the world of poker? What is meant by a "deep stack tournament"?

In poker, a "deep stack tournament" is a tournament where players start off with a large amount of chips relative to the size of the blinds.

The King explains what a deep stack tournament is in the game of poker.

For instance, in a traditional tournament, players might start off with 5,000 chips and blinds may begin at 25/50, with antes being added later in the tournament.

In a deep stack tournament, players might start with 30,000 chips and blinds of 50/100. So, instead of starting the tournament with 100 big blinds, players might start the tournament with 300 big blinds.

Deep stack tournaments favour better players as there is more "play" due to the larger stacks. Hyper turbo tournaments, for instance, essentially become push-fests immediately after the start of play, while deep stack tournaments allow good players to patiently accumulate stacks while exploiting less talented players. They are also at risk much less, as the deeper structure means that they are not all-in nearly as much.

Good players tend to favour deep stack tournaments, though this can result in tournaments that are heavy on regulars and light on casual players, so the quality of play can be quite a bit higher.


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