Definition of Donkstrike

What does the term "donkstrike" mean? What is the definition of the term "donkstrike"?

A "donkstrike" is when a "donkey" (aka fish) beats a superior (and more skilled) opponent in a hand.

The most common usage of the term "donkstrike" occurs when said donkey comes from behind in a hand to beat the more skilled opponent, leading people to proclaim "Donkstrike!"

Example of a Donkstrike:

what is a Donkstrike?A talented and skilled player raises from early position holding pocket Aces. A "donkey" is next to act in the hand, and looks down at J-Q offsuit. The "donkey" wants to get involved in the hand because he has two face cards, so he decides to make the call. Everyone else folds.

The flop comes 8-10-2 rainbow. The experienced and skilled player fires out a bet, and the "donkey" decides to call.

The turn brings another 2. Again - bet from the skilled player, call from the "donkey".

The river brings the 9 of clubs, giving the "donkey" a straight. The "donkey" ends up taking down the hand, much to the chagrin of the player with the pocket Aces.

The fact that:

a) the "donkey" shouldn't have called the pre-flop raise
b) the "donkey" likely should have given up on the turn

makes this hand a definite "donkstrike".


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