Definition of Double Barrel

Barreling is poker slang for placing bets into the pot on upcoming streets, such as the flop, turn and river. Barreling is often synonymous with bluffing, but it's not always that simple, and barreling can be a very effective strategy.

Definition of Double Barrel term in the game of poker - DictionaryA double barrel occurs when the player who takes the lead on the flop makes a bet on the turn, in advance of seeing it. By doing this, the player indicates or bluffs a very strong hand, and opponents with mediocre hands will often fold.

In poker, there are many early pots for the taking, and winning players are able to pick those pots up consistently. Double barreling is an effective way of doing that, and thus, an important part of any expert player's repertoire.

The key to the double barrel is hand reading. Effective use of the technique earns cash and table respect. Amateurish use of the double barrel, however, can put opponents into a disposition that makes the game difficult.


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