Definition of Drawing Hand

What is the definition of the term "drawing hand" as it applies to the game of poker? What is meant by a "drawing hand"?

In poker, a "drawing hand" is a hand that could turn into a very strong hand if a "draw" hits. If the draw doesn't hit, the hand will almost certainly be a losing hand.

Definition of Drawing Hand - Poker Dictionary - Illustration of Card Symbol - ClubExample

You are dealt 6d-7d on the button. Action has folded around to you. You put in a standard raise. The SB folds and the BB calls.

The flop comes 5h-4h-10d. You now have a "drawing hand", as you currently have a straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. Without hitting your draws, your hand will almost certainly be a loser, but you have a number of outs to make your straight.

Good players will mix their games up and play their drawing hands aggressively so that other people at the table don't know that they are drawing. Passive players will simply check/call when they are holding a drawing hand.


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