Definition of Dropping Frames

What does the term "dropping frames" mean in the world of streaming on What is meant by "dropping frames"?

Have you ever been watching your favourite poker streamer on and wondered why they are talking about "dropping frames"?

Have you ever wondered why the stream appears to be glitchy, like moments in time are being excluded from the stream?

This is all about "dropping frames", which occurs when the network that is transmitting the stream can't keep up with the bitrate, so frames are "dropped" in order to compensate.

What is the meaning of the term Dropping Frames when it comes to poker streaming?  Read on to find out.

This phenomenon has to do with the stability of the network that is transmitting the stream. For instance, if the person streaming has an unstable Internet connection, they will likely drop frames. The more stable the connection, the smoother the stream.

In order to stop dropping frames, a streamer will either need to figure out what is wrong with their setup (usually their Internet service provider is the culprit) or lower the bit rate. This will result in a lower quality stream, which every streamer wants to avoid.

Dropping frames is obviously very frustrating for every streamer, and most streamers will simply cut off their streams if they are having technical difficulties.


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