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What does the term "+EV" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "+EV"?

In poker, "+EV" refers to any situation where there is a positive outcome for the long term. In other words, there is a positive expectation that the play will be a profitable one over the long-term.

The King explains the meaning of the term +EV in the world of poker.For instance - let's say that you are one of the big stacks and the tournament is nearing the bubble. Action folds around to you in the small blind.

The big blind has a small stack and has been playing EXTREMELY tight during the bubble. It appears as though he is trying to fold his way into the money.

In this situation, shoving is clearly "+EV" for you, as your opponent is likely folding everything except QQ, KK and AA (in fact, he might even fold these hands if he is trying to fold his way into the money).

In short, shoving from the small blind is an immensely profitable play over the long-term, and you should absolutely be shoving every time if you are in this position.

This would be an example of a "+EV" play, as there is a positive expectation for profit over the long-term.

Let's give one more example of a "+EV" play.

You are playing in a Pot Limit Omaha game, and it's wild.

You are dealt Ad-Ah-Kd-Kd in the Big Blind. There is a raising war taking place in front of you. It gets to you in the big blind. Now, there is a reasonable chance that you will lose the hand if you are going to get your hand all-in against 5-6 other people in Pot Limit Omaha.

That, however, is the wrong way to think about things. This is a "+EV" situation for you, so you should absolutely get your chips into the middle, as you are coming out ahead over time.

Again - you have a positive expectation for profit, so you should ship your chips into the middle of the table without hesitation.


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