Definition of Fake Think

What does fake think mean in poker? What is the definition of fake think in the game of poker?

A fake think is a form of bluffing in which a player pretends to have difficulty making a decision. It's one of the many ways in which poker players try to gain an advantage over their opponents through deception. Fake thinking occurs when a player has already made up his or her mind about how to react to an opponents move, but stalls in order to make it look like they have to think about their decision in order to create doubt in the opponent's mind.

Poker dictionary definition of Fake ThinkFor example, if a player has top pair and the flop shows a possible flush draw, the player might fake think calling an opponent's bet even though their top pair is probably ahead on the board. In this case, by fake thinking the player is attempting to look like they're holding a flush draw instead of top pair in order to goad the opponent into betting more later in the hand.

Fake thinking is somewhat controversial in the poker world because some players believe it's only a method of saving face and not a legitimate poker strategy. A player who fake thinks and loses can claim that they seriously considered making a different decision, avoiding any embarrassment that might have been caused if they made an immediate move. Fake thinking has become more popular with the influx of younger, online players in a recent years. Many of the older poker players, such as poker legend Doyle Brunson, do not bother with such theatrics. However, fake thinking is generally acceptable as long as the player doesn't go overboard or take too much time. It's also considered bad etiquette to fake think calling an opponent who has gone all-in, as it's a waste of time trying to confuse an opponent who has no more chips to bet.


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