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What is the "floorman" in poker? What is the definition of the term "floorman" in the world of poker?

In poker, the "floorman" is the casino or card room employee who is tasked with enforcing the rules of the game and making rulings.

Definition of the term Floorman in poker - Casino employee - Poker dictionary by the KingFor instance - let's say that there is a heads-up pot between two players. The dealer accidentally mucks one of the player's cards before they fold, which leads to a great deal of confusion. The player who stands to lose the hand as a result immediately calls for a "floorman" so that a ruling on the hand can be made.

The floorman will be tasked with having an encyclopedic knowledge of the game so that they can make proper rulings. There can be some very obscure situations that pop up during games, which is why a floorman needs to know the rules of poker inside and out in order to be effective.

In the situation listed above, the floorman may elect to try to retrieve the cards from the muck in order to continue the hand. If the cards can't be retrieved, the mucked hand will likely be declared dead.


It is important to note that different card rooms and casinos have different rules, as there is no standard rulebook of poker.


The floorman is usually not very popular, as he/she has to dole out penalties (for swearing at the table, let's say) and make rulings that may be unpopular.


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