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GreySnowPoker is billed as the first Native-American owned and operated online poker site.

GreySnowPoker launched in 2018 and is operated by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. The company is located in the Isle of Man and licensed and regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission.

The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, according to their website, is a sovereign nation with "inherent powers of self-government recognized as such as treaties and legislations".

The meaning of the term GreySnowPoker is explained by the Poker King in this article.GreySnowPoker offers the standard for the industry - poker cash games, SNGs and tournaments, as well as casino games and sports betting. The company serves the non-US poker community.

As the company builds their user base, many of their tournaments have an overlay of 30%, which provides some pretty compelling value.

In addition, GreySnowPoker offers a rake-free environment, instead employing something called their "FairPlay" cash game tables.

Here is how it works.

Instead of paying rake for every hand that is played, players will instead pay a 3% fee of their total stake size when they leave the table.

So, if you sit down to play a cash game and leave with $100, you will pay a total fee of $3 (3%).

This format is especially enticing to heads up players. Instead of rake eating away at your stack every hand, you will instead have to pay just 3% when you leave the table. So, if you get in a long three hour heads-up cash game and leave the table with $200, you will have to pay just $6 in total rake, which is a massive improvement from other online poker rooms.


GreySnowPoker recently made a big splash after signing Rainer Kempe to be a Brand Ambassador. Kempe is considered to be one of the top players in the world, and his results certainly back this up, as he has well over $20 million in total tournament cashes, including a $5 million cash in the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas.


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