Definition of Hero Fold

What is a hero fold? What is the definition of the term hero fold?

In poker, a "hero fold" occurs when a person makes a VERY tough fold. A fold that would make everybody at the table raise their eyebrows in disbelief.

A hero fold is situation and player dependent. A hero fold normally occurs when one player has a dead read (or, at least they think that they have a dead read) on another player at the table. If a hero fold is made, then it's usually because the player who is making the fold has decided that his opponent is very tight.

Hero Fold - Poker DefinitionLet's look at an example of a "hero fold":

The board reads 8h-8s-Ah-2d-2h. You are holding A-A and have one opponent in the hand.

You lead out with a river bet and your opponent comes back over the top with a big raise.

Your read on your opponent is that he is VERY tight and would never bluff on the raise. Though you have a full house, you still only have the third nuts (you are losing to both 8-8 and 2-2). You decide that your opponent must have you beat, so you decide to throw away your very strong holding.

This is a hero fold.

In most cases, the person who is making the hero fold will show his hand to the entire table.


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