Definition of Hit By The Deck

What is the definition of the term "hit by the deck"? What does the term "hit by the deck" mean?

In poker, being "hit by the deck" means that you are currently enjoying a very hot run of cards.

Another term for being "hit by the deck" is "running hot".

The opposite of being "hit by the deck"? Having a "cold run" of cards.

Poker term definition - Hit by The DeckExample of Being "Hit By The Deck":

You are in a Multi-Table Tournament and are down to just 800 chips. The blinds are currently 100/200.

Over the course of just 15 hands, you vault up to over 10,000 in chips thanks to an extremely hot run of cards. In other words, you have been "hit by the deck".

Your hot run of cards included being dealt pocket Aces twice, pocket Kings once and pocket Queens twice. In each case, your opponent had a strong but slightly worse holding, which allowed you to win a large amount of chips over a very short period of time.


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