Definition of Keep Them Honest

What does the term "keep them honest" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "keep them honest"?

In the world of poker, "keeping them honest" refers to when a player makes a call when they believe that their opponent is bluffing.

The definition and meaning of Keep Them Honest in the game of poker.  What is it?  An example is providedFor instance, a player with a marginal holding is facing a large bet on the river. The player who placed the bet has been known to put out big bluffs on the river, so his opponent decides to call with his fairly weak holding.

While the player who called the bet ends up losing the hand, they felt as though the call was justified so that they don't get bluffed out of every hand on the river. They made the call in an attempt to keep their opponent "honest". Don't think that you can bluff me every single pot that you play with me, the calling player is saying, because I'll have no problem looking you up with a marginal hand.

Of course, players need to choose wisely when they "keep their opponent honest", or else they'll end up getting destroyed by savvy players who will "fake bluff" huge hands.


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