Definition of Laying Down a Hand

What does the term "laying down a hand" mean? What is the definition of the term "laying down a hand" as it applies to the world of poker?

In poker, "laying down a hand" occurs when a player folds a hand.

People usually use the term "laying down a hand" when they are making a difficult fold. For instance, "I'm laying down this hand even though I think that I might have you beat."

Definition and example of Laying Down a Hand - Poker DictionaryLet's look at an example to illustrate the proper usage of the term "laying down a hand":


You are dealt pocket Aces on the button. Action folds around to you, and you put in a standard pre-flop raise. The SB folds and the BB re-raises. In an attempt to trap your opponent, you simply call.

The flop comes Kc-Kh-8h. The BB checks, you bet and he calls. It should be noted that the BB has been playing passively all night long, and hasn't gotten involved in any hands unless he has had a premium holding.

The turn brings the 2c. The BB checks, you bet and he re-raises you. You are almost certain that you are beat in the hand - you believe that your opponent is probably holding A-K based on how he has been playing.

You say, "I think that you are holding a King, so I'm laying this down" as you flip up your pocket Aces. Your opponent mucks his cards and takes down the hand.


Good players will make tough "laydowns" when they believe that they are beat. Good players will always consider what their opponents are holding in order to make those tough letdowns that will help preserve their chips.


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